Learn To Quit Smoking The Easy Way - learn a method on how to quit smoking without the need or expense of patches,nasal sprays, gum, hypnosis,etc.

The Secret To Metabolism Boosting and Its Not Aerobics - How to boost your metabolism through interval training by adding it to your exercise routine.

Brain Age Mythology Compared to What Really Improves Cognitive Health - Many people have been asking us recently about whether we all have a "Brain Age" and how we can reduce our "brain ages".

Creosote Toxicity - Creosote is a chemical often used to treat wood used in railroads.

Are Plyometrics a Good Idea for the Youth Athlete - This short article investigates the perils of inserting young athletes into advance athletic training programs too soon.

Keep Your Colon Clean - Eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water to keep your colon in good working order and help reduce the risk of cancer.

Dieting for Idiots - You have finally made the commitment to do something good for yourself by losing that extra weight you have gained.

Is Nutrient Timing Essential For Mini Skirt Success - One of the keys to looking sexy in your mini skirt, improving your metabolism and increasing your Thermic Effect of Food during the day is to eat every 2 to 3 hours of your waking day, including consuming lean protein with each meal or snack.

Strength Training For Cyclists - The research done to date on the effects of weight training on cyclists has brought mixed results.

Treadmill Running Tips - Treadmills ensure that the runner in you never has to sit out for a season.

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Recruitment Of Drugs

A fishy therapy: a thriving but controversial

A fishy therapy: a thriving but controversial dietary supplementShark cartilage is for sale all over the Web. Powders of it, packaged in jars and capsules, are among the products offered at sites specializing in herbal remedies,

Drug makers may shift R&D focus to 'more

Drug makers may shift R&D focus to 'more predictable revenue streams' - Chain PharmacyBOSTON -- The search by brand-name drug companies for a new generation of b blockbuster drugs may give way to the development of medicines that could be more modest in scope but that produce

Tobacco Money at the University of

Tobacco Money at the University of CaliforniaLike many health sciences institutions around the world (1, 2), six academic units throughout the 10-campus University of California system have adopted policies not to accept

Development costs still rise, but success is

Development costs still rise, but success is hit or miss - Chain PharmacyBOSTON -- With scarcely more than 1-in-5 new drug compounds that reach human testing stage actually passing all the way through the testing and review gauntlet,