How Sud-Chemie keeps drugs high and dry: an interview with Robert Crossno, director of sales and marketing

How Sud-Chemie keeps drugs high and dry: an interview with Robert Crossno, director of sales and marketingQ: What are the biggest market imperatives facing drug packagers, and how can Sud-Chemie help them?

A: By far the greatest issue facing pharmaceutical companies today is profitability. At Sud-Chemie, our goal is to show manufacturers that protecting their products doesn't have to mean a loss of profits. In many cases, protective packaging can actually increase a product's value or functionality.

At Sud-Chemie, we're not just a desiccant manufacturer. We provide a complete spectrum of solutions that can grow along with our customers' needs, ranging from desiccant and oxygen-absorbing canisters and packets to complete injection-molded components like washers, hinged-cap tubes, tablet dispensers and more. We believe that choosing the right desiccant is a holistic process involving not just the price of the desiccant, but the company's size, volumes, manufacturing rates and goals for growth. Through our new Desiccant Efficiency System Integration (DESI) Program, we help customers make a complete analysis of their packaging regimen and provide the best desiccant and insertion equipment for their needs.

Q: What are some new trends/innovations in protective packaging for the pharmaceutical industry? How is Sud-Chemie leading the way?

A: Now more than ever, manufacturers want solutions that wear multiple hats--solutions that can add value to their product, not just prevent product losses. They want solutions that can make their products more appealing, safer and easier to use. And of course, they want these solutions at an affordable cost.

Sud-Chemie is the leading global provider of active, smart and protective packaging solutions for the industry. Our cutting-edge solutions--be it canisters, oxygen absorbers, inserts or customized dispensers--are helping manufacturers stay competitive in today's market.

Q: Can you offer some advice for manufacturers in choosing the right desiccant solution for their product or application?

A: Absolutely. In general, here are some tips to consider:

Understand the technologies. Each type of desiccant has its own benefits. For high volumes, canisters are the proven standard because they meet the efficiencies demanded by the industry. For slower packaging processes, strip and loose packets are an economical alternative.

Do the math. For large manufacturers, even 10 minutes of downtime due to a mis-cut packet could greatly affect productivity. Canisters provide the insertion rates (up to 600 canisters per minute) large manufacturers need and eliminate the possibility of line delays.

Think ahead. Where will your company be in five or 10 years? Consider which option could best serve your future growth.

Think outside the bottle. SudChemie's inserts, washers, desiccant polymers, dosers, tubes and stoppers and other solutions can all prove efficient and economical alternatives to canisters and packets while also increasing functionality for the end user.

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