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Predictably, many people - particularly overweight - have an argument against exercising. Many people claim that "Exercising increases the appetite." "So, if I exercise I shall feel more hungry, eat more and put on more weight. Therefore it is wiser not to exercise!" Hallelujah! Here you have a statement clothed in logic, presented with such utter confidence and reaffirmed so constantly that you could begin to believe in it yourself! Let us present you with a simple exercise in logic. The sea is blue. My tie is blue.

The sea and my tie are the same things. Sounds ridiculous? It is. We have deliberately made it so. Such 'logical' premises are the kind of wrong thinking that can creep into your mental dynamics and inhibit you. Such nonsense is generally spouted by people who are on the defensive because they know they need to exercise but are unwilling to do so. The fact is that obesity - not exercising - is the cause of more obesity.

When you gain fat-weight, you add on more useless body tissue that has to be serviced. It puts a strain on your heart, it is like putting the engine of a scooter into the body of a truck and expecting it to run! When you continue to overeat, your heart starts trying to work harder to sustain that truck of a body. Thus, it gets more strained and its muscles weaken. When you gain fat-weight, those fatty globules are added on to your vital arteries that promote the blood supply. These fatty deposits clog the arteries - just as accumulated food particles clog your drain pipe and make your kitchen sink overflow.

You use a vacuum hand- pump vigorously to clear the clogged sink, don t you? Similarly, your heart has to pump faster and harder to force the blood through those clogged arteries to try and reach the required amount of that life-giving fluid to your muscle tissues. This upsets the balance of your body. With the heart pushing the blood through the limited opening of your arteries, they are put under pressure.

At this point, where your sink overflows, you get high-blood pressure since the blood has no opening to overflow from. This constant pressure, if not checked, strains the heart and ultimately leads to heart problems. As the balance of your body-mechanism goes into a whirl, the kidneys begin to have a tough time. Overloaded beyond their natural capacity, they find it increasingly difficult to expel body wastes. As you continue to add fat to your body, the kidneys weaken.

If you put all this information in your mental dynamo, you will understand how excess fat damages your health. The only way to reduce fat-content in your body is to bum it through aerobic exercising, Simultaneously, to restore the balance and not add fat, you need to eat fatless food. That brings us back to that great friend of fat, and foe, of good health your appetite. Does exercising increase it or decrease it?.

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