Improving Your Life Through Walking

The modern world has greatly improved many aspects of our daily lives through industrialization and technology, however it has also rapidly increased the pace at which we live our everyday lives. By making our lives simpler, our physical requirements for everyday living has diminished resulting in a sedentary lifestyle that has dangerous side effects, making us vulnerable to illnesses and diseases such as high blood pressure, cancer, obesity to name just a few.

Fortunately, these side effects of the modern age can be easily remedied by diet and scheduled frequent exercises such as walking.

Walking can be the first step in preventive measures to reduce the chances of becoming unhealthy. The good news is walking can be done anywhere without the requirements of a gym membership or expensive equipment. The only requirements for walking is a small investment in a good pair of walking shoes and the discipline to set aside time each day to walk.

Many people believe they do not have the time because of their busy lifestyle to exercise, or in this case walk. Setting aside one hour in each twenty four hour period is not impossible for anyone that is physically capable of walking.

Reducing the amount of time spent watching television by one hour or reducing the amount of time spent surfing the internet can free up substantial amounts of time that can better be used for exercise, including walking.

One of the immediate results realized when starting a walking program is the noticeable difference in well being because walking is a wonderful stress reducer. The medical community has suggested that many of the illnesses that afflict people in the modern age are directly related to the amount of stress we have in our everyday life.

Being over weight and stressed are two of the most common factors for increased illnesses and disease that are now common in the United States, both which can be largely reduced by a simple walking plan implemented and maintained each day.

It has also been suggested by health professionals that a low impact exercise such as walking may be better over the long term since injury is usually not a factor with walking as much as it is with jogging or running. Starting out by only walking fifteen to twenty minutes a day and increasing over time up to one hour daily should be sufficient enough to maintain weight and reduce stress levels.

Walking is not a miracle cure but it does improve our health and can help us lower our chances of illnesses and diseases directly related to stress and obesity.

Eating a healthy diet will add even more benefit to a scheduled daily walking routine by increasing even more the amount of weight we lose from walking alone. The more fit you become the more you will be motivated to maintain the routine for improved fitness and well being.


About the Author (text)Phillip Hatley walks one hour everyday to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Please vist his blog at http://holyteaman.blogspot.com/ for more healthy living tips.

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Improving Your Life Through Walking - The modern world has greatly improved many aspects of our daily lives through industrialization and technology, however it has also rapidly increased the pace at which we live our everyday lives.



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