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Attaining six pack abs leads to alot of frustration, and here's why is performing endless amounts of crunches to achieve the ripped look. It really isn't your fault. You've been bombarded with infomercials peddling their latest ab gadgets,guaranteeing abs in record time. It's no wonder there is so much confusion in the fitness industry.

You're in luck. I'm going to show you how to get ripped abs - Guaranteed. Hope you're ready to work, because its not easy, but what in life is easy when the payoff is high. The most important aspect of attaining ripped abs is your nutrition.

It is often said that your abs are made in the kitchen . That's great, my abs are made in the kitchen . What foods do I eat? How often do I eat? Here's the deal- You must consume small frequent balanced meals through out the day, Consisting of a lean form of protein, complex carbohydrate, and healthy fat.

Eat every three to four hours, and make sure you eat at least 5 meals a day. Micronutrients Let's start with protein. Protein is the most expensive of the three micronutrients, and I don't mean at the cash register, I mean in terms of energy it takes your body to digest. This is the major reason why you want to ensure you have a lean form of protein in every meal.

Another reason for putting protein in every meal is protein helps you build muscle. More muscle on your body means a higher metabolism and more calories burned i.e.

more fat burned. Needless to say, protein is a very important aspect of your nutritional plan. Select lean forms of protein such as lean red meat, chicken & turkey breast, non- fat cottage cheese & yogurt, string cheese, fish, egg whites, protein powder. Complex carbohydrates can be split in two groups starchy & fibrous . Starchy carbohydrates are potatoes, oatmeal, bread, yams, legumes, pasta, brown rice. Fibrous carbohydrates are all vegetables & fruits I would like to see you use starchy carbohydrates after activities such as working out.

After workouts your muscles are depleted and ready to vacuum energy to replenish Glycogen stores that have been used for the workout. Utilize fibrous carbohydrates in every meal . Vegetables are loaded with vitamins Minerals , and fiber. An important note to consider as well about vegetables is there is no water retention like there is with starchy carbohydrates. For every gram of starchy carbohydrate there is three parts water, and for someone trying to get a six pack water is the last thing you want to Hold on to in your mid section. Healthy fats are walnuts, macademia nuts, almonds, pecans , avocados, olive oil Healthy fats are calorically more dense than carbohydrates.

This will ensure your energy levels stay elevated. There is 9 calories Per gram of healthy fat vs 4 calories to carbohydrates and protein. Also energy from healthy fat will keep your blood sugar on an even keel. That factor alone is worth adding healthy fat to your nutritional plan. Stable energy levels keep you away from quick energy foods (junk food) when energy levels drop. Hope these tips helped.

Don't forget- Your abs are made in the kitchen.

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