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Drug policy down under: Australia's pharmaceutical benefits scheme

Australia is a federation of six Slates and two territories with a national (Commonwealth) government. In 2003, the population was just over 20 million, mostly concentrated on the eastern side of the continent,

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Study: U.S. generic drugs cost less than Canadian drugs

If you think all drugs from Canada are cheaper than U.S. drugs, think again. In the United States, generic drugs--roughly half of all prescriptions--are often cheaper than both Canadian brand-name drugs and Canadian generic drugs, according to a study by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Generic industry meeting draws rich slate of leaders - Generic Pharmaceutical Association's 2003 Annual Meeting

RIO GRANDE, P.R. -- Generic pharmaceutical manufacturers got a promising dose of news about their industry's prospects and a chance to hear from a slate of health care experts and high-profile federal officials at the generic industry's annual powwow late last month.

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Shortages of key drugs

The chemotherapy drug methotrexate (injection) in 1-g vials is the most recent entry on the ten-product FDA Current Drug Shortages List. The US Food and Drug Administration listed the product on 18 February, citing unspecified manufacturing delays at Mayne Pharma

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A fishy therapy: a thriving but controversial

A fishy therapy: a thriving but controversial dietary supplementShark cartilage is for sale all over the Web. Powders of it, packaged in jars and capsules, are among the products offered at sites specializing in herbal remedies,

Drug makers may shift R&D focus to 'more

Drug makers may shift R&D focus to 'more predictable revenue streams' - Chain PharmacyBOSTON -- The search by brand-name drug companies for a new generation of b blockbuster drugs may give way to the development of medicines that could be more modest in scope but that produce

Tobacco Money at the University of

Tobacco Money at the University of CaliforniaLike many health sciences institutions around the world (1, 2), six academic units throughout the 10-campus University of California system have adopted policies not to accept

Development costs still rise, but success is

Development costs still rise, but success is hit or miss - Chain PharmacyBOSTON -- With scarcely more than 1-in-5 new drug compounds that reach human testing stage actually passing all the way through the testing and review gauntlet,